Calendar printing

You can order calendar printing products from Tanmedia that can be used as promotional items for your employees or customers. With Tanmedia’s variety of calendar printing products, you can find a calendar that suits your brand or business needs. These calendars, printed with high-quality materials, offer users the best experience at the most affordable prices.

You can check out the desk calendar, an excellent choice for business promotional products, here. You can add your logo and contact information to the desk calendar, an integral part of desks. With a stylishly designed desk calendar, you can ensure your business remains memorable.

Once you place your calendar order with Tanmedia, you can upload your design at any time. We recommend reviewing the pre-printing considerations articles in each product description. At Tanmedia, you can find various sizes and quantities of calendars that you can print for your employees or customers.

What are the benefits of calendar production for your brand?

The main benefits of creating a calendar for your brand:

  • A unique advertising tool: By creating calendars with your logo and organizational information, you can ensure your brand is recognized and remembered.
  • Visibility every day: A calendar is something used every day, meaning your customers and business partners will continue to see your brand daily.
  • Ideal as a gift: Calendars are an excellent choice as gifts during holidays, year-end, and other special events. This can help your brand be appreciated by your customers and business partners.

What is the order process for calendar production?

  1. Design selection: First, our customers choose one of the designs we offer or inform us of their custom design requirements.
  2. Sending information and images: Customers provide us with their brand information, logo, and desired images.
  3. Design approval: After we complete the design, we send samples to our customers and receive their approval.
  4. Printing and delivery: Once the design is approved, the calendars are printed and delivered to our customers.

In addition to calendar printing, we also produce letterheads. Letterheads are among the most distinguished products in printing.


You can showcase your brand on the calendar

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