Car fragrance printing

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Car fragrances are a promotional product frequently used by companies in the automotive industry, such as service providers, gas stations, car washes, and more. Companies offering services in these areas provide their customers with promotional car scents, enhancing customer satisfaction by providing additional service.

Printed car fragrances are also a very effective advertising tool. Companies can strengthen brand awareness and attract potential customers by printing their logo, address, and phone information on car fragrances. Additionally, promotional car scents are easily noticeable and contribute to brand recognition as they are usually found hanging from car rear-view mirrors, emitting a pleasant aroma.

At Tanmedia, it is very easy to print promotional car fragrances with high quality and affordable prices. After selecting the product and uploading your design file, you can place an order online.

Things to consider before ordering car fragrances:

  • Determine the size and scent options of the desired product before ordering car fragrance printing.
  • Car fragrances are typically placed on car mirrors, so using a creative design will attract more attention and contribute to your brand.
  • Include your high-quality logo, address, and phone information in your design.
  • The print material is scented cardboard, which has a high absorption rate for ink. Therefore, colors may appear more faded compared to other papers during printing.

What are the benefits of car fragrance production for your brand?

  • Customer Satisfaction: A clean and fresh-smelling interior provides comfort and cleanliness to your customers. This increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of them choosing your brand again.
  • Professional Image: A fresh and clean-smelling car indicates that your brand provides professional and high-quality service.
  • Health: A clean and fresh-smelling car is also very important for the health of the driver and passengers. Clean air makes breathing easier and reduces headaches and other health issues.

What is the order process for car fragrance production?

  • Placing an Order: First, you need to order the production of your car fragrance. This can be done online through our website or by phone.
  • Car Inspection: After placing the order, our service provider will inspect your car and start the necessary preparation work.
  • Fragrance Preparation: After cleaning your car, our service provider will begin preparing the fresh and clean scent.
  • Car Delivery: Once the fragrance is prepared, your car will be delivered to you with a fresh and clean aroma.

At the end of this process, your car will have a clean and fresh scent inside. This will help elevate your brand’s image and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition to car fragrance printing, we also produce printing on power banks. This is also one of the most popular promotional products.

Promote your brand on car fragrances

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