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The fastest way to present detailed information about your company’s products or services to potential customers is to have a professional catalog. A catalog that offers a detailed exploration of all your products and highlights what you want to emphasize not only allows you to clearly explain yourself and highlight your corporate identity but also serves to provide the information your customer needs in a concise and succinct manner. Having a catalog printer is essential for your company, as these printed publications, which can be viewed by both customer visits and visitors to your office, are the front face of your company.

Tanmedia offers high-quality and fast online printing services that allow you to meet your corporate needs quickly and easily. Once you select the number of pages you want and determine the number of pages, it is sufficient to send us your ready-to-print catalog design at Tanmedia. Creating an online catalog order is very easy.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Catalog / Magazine Printing

  • When you reach the catalog design stage, you can get an idea of sample designs by examining the catalogs of other companies. In particular, examining your competitors’ catalogs allows you to see the points that need to be highlighted or differentiated.
  • Try to proceed according to your corporate identity when preparing your catalog designs.
  • Make sure that the catalogs accurately reflect your product range.
  • First, highlight the information that your customers need.
  • Considering that your customers have different needs at certain periods, prepare catalogs according to seasonal trends. Instead of preparing a single catalog for all your products and services, you can include more detailed information by preparing special catalogs for each season.
  • Supporting your catalogs with photos and graphics will provide you with a more satisfactory information flow and help customers understand your products more easily.

What are the advantages of preparing a catalog for your brand?

A catalog is one of the most effective and influential ways to showcase the products and services you offer to your customers. The advantages of preparing a catalog for your brand include:

  • Professionalism: A catalog shows the professionalism and quality of your brand, increasing customer trust.
  • Information source: It serves as a detailed information source for your customers. This helps them better understand your products.
  • Advertising tool: It serves as an attractive and memorable advertising tool for customers.
  • Stand out from competitors: Stand out from your competitors with a unique and interesting catalog.
  • Increased sales: Clear and understandable information makes it easier for customers to place orders, increasing sales.

What is the process of ordering a catalog?

  • Determining requirements: In the first step, we accurately determine the customer’s requirements and wishes for the catalog.
  • Collecting information: We collect products, prices, pictures, and other information from the customer.
  • Preparing the design: We prepare an attractive and effective design based on the information.
  • Review and approval: We send the prepared catalog to the customer and make corrections based on their feedback.
  • Printing and delivery: We print the catalog in high quality and deliver it to our customer.

In addition to the catalog, we also prepare agenda printing. Agenda printing is one of the most distinctive products among printed products.

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Be a part of your customers' lives with a catalog

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