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Envelopes are printed products used by companies in their interactions with employees, customers, and other corporate stakeholders. Like all other corporate identity products, envelopes are essential for creating and reinforcing brand awareness. It is unrealistic to expect a company striving to build a corporate image to use unprinted envelopes for correspondence.

The type and size of the envelope to be used vary depending on the usage areas and the size of the paper product to be placed inside. Therefore, you must consider all these factors when selecting the type and size of the envelope. For example, if you are sending letters to your customers and the address information will be printed on the paper inside, you should use window envelopes. This way, you won’t have to re-enter the address information for each envelope. Window envelopes, often used in letters sent by banks, are a prime example of this usage.

Brands use envelopes printed with their logo to strengthen their corporate identity and gain a more respected position in the eyes of all stakeholders. Therefore, the print quality and paper quality of these envelopes directly impact the brand’s image. On the other hand, since this process incurs a cost to the companies, it is highly desirable for envelope printing to be both high-quality and affordable. With Tanmedia, you can place your envelope orders at affordable prices and with ease.

Things to consider before ordering envelope printing:

  • When choosing the type and size of the envelope you will order, you should consider its intended use.
  • You should prepare your design in the appropriate sizes for your order. When preparing your design, you should use the templates on the product pages and carefully read all the information contained in them.

What are the benefits of envelope production for your brand?

Envelope production provides numerous advantages for your brand:

  • Professionalism: Envelopes show that your company is formal and professional. Customers and business partners begin to form opinions about your brand’s structure and seriousness by looking at your envelopes.
  • Advertising: Envelopes constantly display your logo and contact information, serving as a constant advertisement.
  • Uniqueness and recognition: Specially designed envelopes make your brand stand out and be recognized in the market.

What is the order process for envelope production?

  1. Design Selection: First, choose a design that suits your brand. This includes your logo, colors, and other brand elements.
  2. Determine Sizes: Decide on the size of the envelope. This depends on its intended use; for example, standard sizes for general use or larger sizes for special invitations.
  3. Place the Order: Once the design and sizes are determined, formalize your order, typically by contacting your partner company or printing house.
  4. Print Check: After printing, check the quality of the envelopes by reviewing samples. This ensures any errors or deficiencies are corrected before full-scale production begins.
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