Flyer Printing


A flyer is a small, single or double-sided printed paper prepared to provide information about a product, event, or campaign and distributed to a wide audience. Flyers can be prepared for advertising, informational, or invitation purposes.

Characteristics of Flyers:

  • Size: They are often small in size (e.g., A5, A6, etc.).
  • Design: Designed to be eye-catching and interesting to grab people’s attention and encourage them to read the information.
  • Purpose: Quickly convey specific information or offers to the target audience.
  • Printing: Often printed in color and high quality.
  • Distribution: Can be distributed by hand, in stores, on the street, at private events, and through many other methods.

Flyers are particularly effective advertising tools for local businesses, events, and special offers.

What is the order process for flyers?

If you are interested in ordering flyers, the following steps pertain to the flyer order process:

  1. Determine the Purpose: Identify the purpose of the flyer and to whom and why it will be delivered. This will help determine the design and content.
  2. Design and Content Preparation: Determine the design, colors, fonts, and other details of the flyer. Prepare the content, including headlines, text, offers, contact information, etc.
  3. Select the Format: Choose the size and format of the flyer.
  4. Choose Material and Printing Type: Select the type and thickness of the material to be used for the flyer.
  5. Contact the Print House: Contact the print house where you will place the order, send them the design and content, and agree on the printing details.
  6. Check the Incoming Order: When your order arrives, check the quality and accuracy of the flyers.
  7. Distribution: Distribute the flyers to your target audience.

In addition to flyers, we also produce posters. Posters are one of the most popular printed products.


Flyers are an effective traditional marketing tool

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