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Despite the significant increase in the number of digital communication channels, printing invitations is still a classic form of communication and thus remains an evergreen method. Even companies that create digital invitations use the same invitation in print format and send it to guests by mail. Invitations sent by mail not only make your guests feel special but also elevate your corporate image to a more professional level.

Receiving professional service for invitations used at all your special events, such as events, company parties, openings, and fairs, will make a strong impact.

Tanmedia offers you the easiest and most practical solution for online invitation printing. To create your order, simply send us your ready-to-print design file through our system and select the print quantity.

Things to consider before ordering invitation printing:

  • Ensure all information on your invitation is complete. Double-check that the date, time, and location details are included and accurate.
  • You can get inspiration from various companies’ invitation models when designing your invitation. However, you should create your original design for a professional appearance.
  • Include contact information on your invitation if necessary, so invitees can reach you. Providing a direct contact name will help facilitate communication.
  • If you are organizing a special social media campaign for your event, do not forget to add this information to your invitation.

What are the benefits of invitation production for your brand?

Invitation production benefits your brand by:

  • Representing the image of your organization or brand. A professional and engaging invitation design captures your customers’ attention, ensures your brand is remembered, and draws interest to your organization.
  • A custom invitation created for your brand is crucial for enhancing your brand’s image, improving customer trust, and ultimately increasing sales. Additionally, unique and creative invitations will help make your events or organization special and memorable.

What is the order process for invitation production?

The order process for invitation production usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Initial Contact: Customers contact us and provide details about the invitation’s design, dimensions, colors, and other requirements. At this stage, customers should explain their requirements and expectations as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Design Proposals: We prepare several design options based on this information. These options are presented to the customers, who can choose from them.
  3. Finalization: The customer finalizes the selected design, confirming all requirements and changes.
  4. Printing: The invitations are then printed and delivered to the customer.

This process can take a few days or weeks, depending on the customer’s requirements and feedback. We always strive to provide services tailored to our customers’ needs and achieve their satisfaction.

In addition to invitation printing, we also produce keychains with printing, which is among the most popular promotional products.

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