Preparation of boxes

Gift boxes are used by many companies, especially those operating in the clothing industry and jewelry stores, for packaging products. When customers want the products they receive as gifts to be packaged, the product is packaged in a gift box printed with your brand’s design. This creates an elegant-looking gift package and puts your brand in the spotlight.

Companies should use products with their logos to create brand awareness and strengthen their brand image. For example, if a product sold in your brand’s store is presented to the customer in a gift box without a logo, this is an untapped opportunity for your brand. A logo pillow gift box, which has a much better image in terms of appearance and usefulness, will also add value to the product you are selling.

When ordering this product, which you can use in various sizes according to your needs, it is useful to consider the sizes of the products you are selling. It is particularly beneficial for companies that sell products in various sizes, such as clothing for children and adults, to order these products in different sizes together.

You can place your gift box order at affordable prices to increase your brand value and present the product you sell to your customers in a much more aesthetic way.

Points to Consider Before Ordering Boxes:

  • When ordering, you should choose the size considering the products you sell. It is often helpful to have gift boxes of different sizes in the store.
  • When preparing your design, make sure you are working in the correct sizes and print-compatible format. You can use the free gift box templates on the product page to do the most accurate work.
  • All logos and images included in your design should be high resolution or vector. Otherwise, there may be a decrease or deterioration in print quality.

What are the advantages of box preparation for your brand?

  • Different Design Options: We offer the most suitable and impactful box design for your brand. We prepare boxes based on your logo, colors, and special requirements so that they are easily recognized by your customers.
  • High Quality: We use only high-quality materials in the production of our boxes, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting.
  • Environmental Versatility: We care about ecology and nature conservation. Therefore, all our boxes are made from biodegradable materials.
  • Competitive Price: We offer the best solution for your brand at the most reasonable price, so you will be satisfied with both the quality and the price.

What is the order process for preparing boxes?

  1. Initial Consultation: First, you contact customer service to provide information about the requirements of your brand and product.
  2. Design Selection: We prepare several different design options for you. After evaluating these options, you select the final design.
  3. Sample Testing: We prepare a sample based on the selected design and present it to you. You can make final changes based on this sample.
  4. Order Confirmation: After agreeing on the design and other details, you confirm the order.
  5. Production and Delivery: Your order is produced and delivered to you within a certain period.

In addition to preparing boxes, we also offer graphic design services. This service is also highly distinguished among our offerings.

Preparing boxes is an effective traditional marketing tool.

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