Printing on Mugs

Mugs are one of the most chosen promotional products by companies. Especially logos and slogans of the company are printed on the glass surface and used as gifts for potential customers, existing customers, or employees. In addition to the benefits it provides to the user, the mug significantly contributes to the recognition of your brand.

Mug printing can be used at events such as fairs and openings, as well as in physical locations like stores, restaurants, and offices. Promotional products like printed mugs, which are frequently used to create brand image and awareness, are quite successful. It is possible to produce notable printed products through the application of special designs.

You can also use promotional mug printing products to add value to your brand and increase brand awareness.

Things to consider before ordering mug printing:

  • The images in your design should be in high resolution or vector format. Low-resolution images can degrade print quality.
  • Since the ceramic surface on which the product is printed is printed at high temperatures, color adjustments may be made during the production phase. While color adjustments can easily be made in vector designs, they are more limited in photo-based images. Therefore, we recommend preparing your designs in vector format. Color differences between screen and print may be more noticeable in non-vector PSD-based designs with photo styles.

What are the benefits of printing on mugs for your brand?

Printing on mugs offers the following advantages for your brand:

  • Unique appearance: Branded mugs presented to your customers or partners serve as a special and unique identifier for your company.
  • Advertising tool: Mugs can serve as advertising. When customers see the mug, they immediately recognize your brand.
  • Long-lasting impact: Since a mug has a long lifespan, your advertisement is displayed for an extended period.

What is the order process for mug printing?

  • Design selection: First, we select the design provided by our customers or prepared by us.
  • Size and color selection: The customer chooses the size of the mug and the color of the print.
  • Offer approval: The customer approves the provided price offer.
  • Printing: The printing process begins after approval.
  • Delivery: Once the printing is complete, the mugs are delivered to our customers.

If you are looking for a unique and interesting advertising tool, we suggest you take advantage of our mug printing service.

In addition to printing on mugs, we also produce printing on pens, which is also one of the most popular promotional products.

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Promote your brand on mugs

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